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NEW: Furtuna Skin Wildly Potent Skincare

by Olivine | Boutique |

De las montañas de Sicilia, directamente de la finca "La Fortuna", nacen cuatro texturas, sensaciones y experiencias que están redefiniendo lo que entendemos por "clean luxury skincare". Su secreto esta en el origen de los productos, el proceso de recolección y la frescura que tienen, pero su empaque minimalista y su aroma son casi adictivos.

 Rinascitta Delle Olive Replenishing Balm

La primera la encontramos al abrir este frasco que desprende un olor fresco y que la piel absorbe rápidamente al aplicarlo. Deja una piel relajada, fresca y rejuvenecida gracias a su complejo Wild-Foraged Repelenshing.




Porte per la Vitalitá Face & Eye Serum

Una textura líquida que hace que esta fórmula sea más fácil y rápida de usar cada día. El iluminador facial y de la zona de los ojos a base de flores medicinales que deja ese brillo natural de una piel sana y luminosa gracias al Complejo Splendore Anchusa. Una cura facial.




Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil

Para cada uno de los productos nos dimos cuenta de la interacción que se crea con la fórmula, la piel y cada persona. Para esta nueva experiencia tuvimos que agitar y activar el producto, este aceite lo tiene todo. Nutre, ayuda a la producción de colágeno y se absorbe muy rápidamente. Está compuesto por dos complejos para proteger e iluminar la piel.




Acqua Serena Miscellar Cleansing Essence

Para el último producto y quizás el más importante. Encontramos una esencia que de nuevo el color transmite ligereza y frescura. Con un solo paso la piel está limpia, fresca y lista para todo. Una vez más el Complejo Splendore Anchusa toma la iniciativa con los beneficios de las flores medicinales.

No cabe duda de que el conjunto Furtuna Skin refleja sus cuatro pilares en cada uno de sus productos: reparar, tratar, hidratar y enriquecer. Y nos dan ganas de conocer y empaparnos más de este mundo que amamos. Así que hemos preparado algunas preguntas para Agatha, fundadora de la marca. Hoy Agatha Luczo, fundadora de la marca, comparte con nosotros un poco más sobre su marca.



To start and know a little more about you. How did you come to produce beauty products?

I’ve always been a big beauty enthusiast, and I have a very minimalistic approach to beauty, which many consumers are looking for. As a model, I worked with lots of famous makeup artists that introduced me to so many different products, and they also used those products on my skin. I also wore a lot of makeup on photo shoots, and I had to learn how to take care of my skin. That’s when it became evident to me that what you put on your skin is as equally as important as what you eat.  Using high-quality and clean ingredients was so crucial for my skin to be as healthy as possible. When I met my co-founder Kim Walls, I knew it was possible to develop a performance-driven skin care line but also good for you.  At Furtuna Skin, we are making high-quality ingredients that are wildly potent and high performance.  Everyone cares about what’s going on with their skin now.

Although we know the essence of this brand, what does Furtuna Skin transmit to the World?

Furtuna Skin transmits luxury, high-performance, and wildly potent ingredients made for everyone. No matter your skin type, the products are formulated to make everyone’s skin more balanced, clear, and radiant. There’s also not a lot of fuss surrounding our products, and it’s clear what’s in them and why they work!

They say we must always leave a special touch in what we do. Where do we find that Agatha special touch that makes Furtuna part of you?

As Chief Creative Officer, I brought my creative esthetics to the brand. I built the brand visually including packaging, arts, etc. And I also worked on developing the products with my co-founder, Kim Walls. My special touch also lies in our ingredients, particularly quality-grade extra virgin olive oil. A lot of people still don’t know the wonders that olive oil can do for your skin---it’s truly, truly amazing. From maximum hydration to drawing out impurities, it penetrates and targets different skin concerns. I’m also in the process of becoming an olive oil sommelier, so that I continue to learn more about the best oils to use for different things. Olive oil is the true backbone of the brand, and something that’s so special to me.

Thanks to technology today we have an incredible advance in clean beauty. Could you tell us a little more about how the sound bath extraction method works? Does it work for all ingredients or just specific ones?

Yes! The sound bath extraction method works by using the energies of sound and low temperatures to preserve ingredients to their maximum potential. That includes the full potency of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and pretty much anything that’s already contained inside of the ingredients. In other words, it helps to keep the ingredients as untouched and unprocessed as possible. It’s our special way of preserving ingredients and extracting nutrients without using chemicals, high heat, and solvents.

No doubt beauty-tech has come to the industry to stay. How will it change the way we have seen beauty products for years?

You’d be surprised by the ways that a lot of beauty products must be formulated--a lot of the practices are not ethical or sustainable. On the other hand, for the few who are practicing sustainability, like Furtuna Skin, the potency of ingredients will undoubtedly grow. We can expect things to be cleaner and safer to use! We’re so lucky to have our farm that helps us maintain potency while being sustainable. The consumer is way too smart to purchase things that don’t align with their values!

Finally and forever keep in mind. Can you share with us three things every person should know about Futuna Skin?

  1. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best wildly potent ingredients possible
  2. Our performance-driven products are made for simplifying your life and skincare routine
  3. You can trust our process and expect more great things in the future!

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